Our cafes are open for delivery on Zomato and Swiggy in Lucknow and Kanpur

About Us


Cooper’s was founded in 2020 to cater the demands of youngsters, adults and old people by serving the quality of Coffee made from the freshly roasted coffee beans that are handpicked by our farmworkers. Then these coffee beans are roasted in our roasters to give the best touch and emotion to each Coffee Bean to enhance the coffee flavour out of it.


To give the best touch &emotion to every single coffee lover and ambience through our cafes.


To be the best cafe in every town.

Our Values

Provide premium-quality, affordable coffee to the end customer.
Create an emotional touch with our customers.
Innovatively respond to the changing market trends.
To deliver a superior product, and provide top notch service. To motivate individuals - espresso, you and the nature.

OUR Promise

Since we started our vision is just to create the best coffee cafe chains and emotionally connect with every customer of ours through our roasted coffee estates blends which are directly handpicked by farmers, then our roasted in big roasters to give the best essence of coffee to every individual. When we started we were very small with a single cafe and our specially roasted coffee beans but with the constant feedback from our end customers we decided to grow our cafe and let everyone enjoy the best coffee made.