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Coffee Beans Rosted - 1 Kg



Start your day with an intense blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans for an amazing coffee drinking experience

Made with carefully handpicked high-quality coffee beans

Our coffee beans are “split roasted”, wherein each coffee variety is roasted individually, respecting the coffee bean’s true nature and bringing out its inherent notes and characteristics.

Creates captivating coffee breaks at work/cafés for you to bond with others

Cooper’s Roasted is ideal for use in coffee vending machines at offices, cafés or restaurants for a freshly brewed coffee experience

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Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while you work, run errands or share a moment with your loved ones with the new COOPER’S ROASTED to delight the coffee lover in you. It is an intense and balanced blend of coffee with notes of chocolate and fruit and hints of spices that make it perfectly aromatic and tasty. These coffee beans are ideal for use in coffee machines at work or in coffee shops for the perfect brew every day. For over a couple of years, COOPER’S has ​​constantly innovated to bring you the best coffee experience and is now enjoyed in more than 10 states of the country. Our journey begins with our community of farmers carefully hand-selecting high-quality coffee beans, which are then roasted to perfection by our expert roasters to reveal a world of flavor. Through its deliciously rich cup, COOPER’S offers you one of the best fresh coffee experiences. Preparation: Grind, prepare and use as desired for a delicious cup of COOPER’S coffee. Storage: Store in a cool, dry and hygienic place.


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